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If you are suffering from dental anxiety, it can lead to several health risks due to neglect associated with your oral health care. To make sure you continue getting the oral health care restorations and treatments your smile needs, speak with our team about any dental anxiety concerns you may have.

Dental anxiety often arises out of the fear of the unknown. If you are afraid to visit our doctor or dental office due to the fact that you are unaware of procedures that you may need and find yourself slightly afraid, speak with our doctor, so they can walk you through any treatments or procedures that you will have. Furthermore, our doctor will have plenty of treatments available for you, including the use of sedation to eliminate discomfort, the use of calming and relaxing music and stress-relieving objects to assist you during a procedure. It also helps to visualize yourself in a place that brings you joy and to work on breathing patterns to help lower stress levels. Meditation and yoga beforehand have also been shown to be helpful in lowering stress levels that contribute to dental anxiety.

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