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What do you think of tooth restorations? Often times, people think of dentures or bonding treatments to either replace teeth are coming them up. However, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. In situations where a tooth may need to be extracted, you don’t always have to turn to a tooth prosthetic. Dental crowns can be used and placed over the top of a severely damaged tooth to allow the tooth to continue on and potentially even have a restored level of functionality.

Dental crowns are so impressive that many individuals use them for smile makeovers that can drastically improve your oral health. Even a single crown can last up for decades and potentially can provide a lifetime of support when they are placed atop of a damaged tooth. Because they are customizable, not only do they add an additional layer of protection, but they are extremely beneficial for improving the look of your smile.

No matter the shape or color you need, it may be possible to enhance the crown, so they blend in seamlessly with your smile and look as normal and natural as ever. If you have previous restorations in place on a tooth but feel that they are at risk for further damage, consider dental crowns to cover up the restorations, which could include situations where you have an implant, bridge or root canal in place. Not only will the addition of a dental crown help to protect the restoration, but it can improve the appearance of your smile too.

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