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If you’ve ever suffered from dental anxiety before, you understand the need for peace of mind. Dental anxiety refers to fears and concerns about visiting your dentist. Many times, individuals are afraid of any pain they may feel while having oral health care work done. However, this is often a myth as numerous forms of sedation exist to make sure that individuals don’t feel any pain at all.

Several levels of sedation exist from calming and relaxing sedations up to deep levels of sedation. If you do need to relax, one of the best forms is a gas sedation. This exists in the form of laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide. When this is given, it can help to calm and relax patients, and will wear off rather quickly. With deeper levels of sedation, sedatives via pills or injections can be used. Pill form requires a patient to ingest it orally up to an hour before an oral health care procedure is to be given, whereas injections are inserted directly into your bloodstream for fast-acting sedation.

The deepest levels of sedation are known as deep sedations through the use of anesthesia. Anesthesia is highly effective for placing an individual into a deep state of unconsciousness so that oral health care procedures can be given easily. Through the use of general anesthesia, an individual will remain unconscious until the substance has completely worn off.

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