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The link between nitrous oxide and your oral health care is important for those wishing to improve the quality of treatments one will receive at the dentist office. The benefits of nitrous oxide include the following:

– Nitrous oxide wears off very rapidly after the gas mask has been removed.
– Nitrous oxide is a gas that is inhaled to help with dental anxiety and distress as a mild sedative.
– Nitrous oxide is better known as “laughing gas,” which can often make a person feel light-headed or relaxed until the treatment ends.
– Nitrous oxide for use with inhaled sedation is considered the mildest form of sedative and the only one in which it is considered safe enough for a patient to drive themselves home after their dental procedure.
– When nitrous oxide is placed as a sedative in dentistry, it is administered via a small mask that fits over your nose and mouth.

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