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Smile makeovers with dental implants are some of the best ways to vastly change your oral health care outlook. By filling in the gaps left behind by missing teeth with dental implants, you can once again restore lost functions to your smile. In addition, your jaw will be stronger and more durable as well, as it can decay when lacking teeth to support it.

Dental implants will be directly attached to your jawbone for a solid hold that surpasses even normal natural teeth. In some ways, it is possible for dental implants to last a lifetime. However, they can still be knocked loose by blunt trauma or other similar oral accidents and injuries. As long as you take care of your implants, they can continue to take care of you.

Your dental implants are designed and crafted to fit your smile’s needs. This includes size, shape, color, rotation, and overall aesthetics. Implants can fill out broken smiles for complete sets of teeth that will rival even the best of smiles. Implants can restore a youthful look to your face that may have been lost along with your teeth.

No matter which tooth replacement you choose, the real importance is the oral health benefits each can provide. If you would like Dr. Spyridon Condos and our team at Condos, Spyridon J DDS to bring you in for an oral exam to determine if dental implants are right for you, please contact our dentist office in New York, New York, by calling us at 212.799.6900. We can get you on the path to smiles for miles!