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Are you ready for a sedation dentistry treatment this summer? Although sedation dentistry is often thought of for only the most extreme dental services, the truth is that sedation can be used at varying degrees of dosage to assist all manner of dental anxieties and pain thresholds.

Listed below are some of the amazing ways sedation dentistry can be used in dentistry today:

– One common form of sedation is gas sedation, also called inhaled minimal sedation, which uses a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide to form laughing gas, which is excellent for helping patients relax.
– Sedation via pills that are ingested orally is called oral sedation, whereby pills can take up to an hour to work, but depending on the dosage, they are capable of causing a mild relaxation to a total sleep-state.
– A fast-acting and adjustable form of sedation called IV moderate sedation directly injects sedatives into your bloodstream.
– The most well-known and common form of sedation is deep sedation, also called general anesthesia, which can cause patients to be put to sleep and remain asleep until the effects entirely wear off.

If you would like Dr. Spyridon Condos and our team at Condos, Spyridon J DDS to bring you in for an oral exam to determine which sedation dentistry treatment is best for you and your desired dental procedure, please contact our dentist office in New York, New York, by calling us at 212.799.6900. We can get you on the path to smiles for miles!